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89 Days bago ang Pasko!

89 days before Christmas A advanced Happy Merry Christmas po sa Lahat!

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Jeepneys get a facelift, eyed to boost tourism

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"Filipinos should pay homage to the King of the Road, a group said, as it launched a campaign to revive the famous Philippine jeepney.

At least 50 jeepneys were recently parked at the SM Mall of Asia for the Jeepney Tours' Jeepney Arts Festival, which engaged over 150 volunteer artists to repaint the iconic vehicle.

"This is our way of honoring the 'King of the Road'," Jeepney Arts Festival managing director Clang Garcia said.

Noting that jeepneys originally started as refurbished World War II vehicles, Garcia called the popular public utility vehicle "a symbol of Filipino ingenuity."

The festival meanwhile urged artists to use local tourist destinations as their design theme.

Riding on the government's tourism campaign theme "It's More Fun in the Philippines," Garcia said the newly painted jeepneys will hopefully be "roving tourist destinations."

"Some of the artists from Angono, Rizal said they will paint the Higantes Festival. Others said they will paint Bohol's famous tarsier, Quiapo or Divisoria," Garcia said.

Aside from aesthetically overhauling jeepneys, the campaign also aims to "improve the jeepney culture," Garcia said.

This, as she noted that the jeepney's image has recently been marred by unethical practices among drivers and operators.

"The Jeepney Arts Festival is a complete rehabilitation, culturally and artistically," Garcia said.

Jeepneys chosen for the campaign had to be in good working condition and pass smoke emission tests.

Drivers of jeepneys being overhauled also have to undergo a training program including sessions on Filipino history and values, ethical driving and passenger handling."

Source/Credit:YAHOO! News

"Typhoon Lawin is packing more punch"

Typhoon Lawin is packing more punch, but may veer away from the Philippines and head north.

By Manix Abrera

Source/Credit: GMA News

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Good day to All..

Sometimes we don't like how we look like, or what we wear... we don't like how our nose is or how others like us... but there are some people who are just dreaming of living... who are just dreaming to open eyes and feel everything like we do...

Thanks for everything i have, thanks for my physical shape and for everything i got... thanks..


Must LOVE Cats...

We decided to share this photo to express our Respect towards these two guys ♥

You may feel free to hit Share, to express Respect towards them as well..

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

S. Korea 'Gangnam Style' tops 200 mln YouTube views

South Korean pop sensation Park Jae-Sang posted another landmark Tuesday, when the video of his global-hit "Gangnam Style" notched 200 million views on YouTube, days after topping the US iTunes chart.

(Photo from Yahoo! site.)

"Got 200 million views!!! Thx everybody!!!" Park, better known by his stage name "Psy", wrote on his Twitter account @psy_oppa.

The video, featuring Psy performing his signature "horse riding dance", went viral shortly after being posted on the video-sharing site in mid-July, turning the chubby, 34-year-old singer into an international star.

Recent appearances at the MTV awards in Los Angeles and on numerous prime-time US talk shows have boosted his profile even higher, pushing "Gangnam Style" to the top of the US iTunes Chart on Saturday.

Psy has also signed a contract with Justin Bieber's management agency, although he has some way to go to topple Bieber from the top of YouTube's all-time, most-viewed chart.
The teenage heart-throb's "Baby" video is currently closing in on 800 million views.


Source/Credit: YAHOO! News

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Black Eyed Peas singer, top endorser Anne Curtis, and leading man Gerald Anderson are among today’s celebrities who will be named National Peace Ambassadors during the launch of the “I am for Peace” campaign in MalacaƱan Palace this Friday, September 14, Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Teresita Quintos Deles announced.

According to Deles, the “National Peace Ambassadors” also include local celebrities Derek Ramsay, Epy Quizon, Megan Young, and Mikael Daez; social media icons Ramon Bautista and Kimpoy Feliciano; composers Noel Cabangon and Ebe Dancel; Moro artist Datu Khomeini Bansuan; singers Christian Bautista, Karylle, Sam Concepcion, and Gloc-9; fashion designers Arnold Galang and the Fashion Design Council of the Philippines led by JC Buendia; comedians Kiray and Igi Boy; sportsman and TV host Rovilson Fernandez; and members of the national football team, Philippine Azkals.



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Monday, September 10, 2012

Jolina and Marvin (Kaibigan mo lang ako)

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As bounty hunters with bush knives entrapped them in a circle and moved in for the kill, the only thing this mother orang-utan could think to do was to wrap a giant protective arm around her daughter.

The pair seemed to be facing a certain death as a gang of hunters surrounded them in Borneo, keen to cash in on the palm oil plantations' bid to be rideof the animals.

The right picture captures the last tragic minutes of the adult ape's life - after a frenzied mob beat her, pelted her with rocks then tried to drown her in a swimming pool.

Her crime? She was caught scavenging for fruit to feed her malnourished daughter on the outskirts of a ramshackle village in Borneo.

Alan Knight OBE, head of International Animal Rescue, added: "Sadly this won't be the last time we come across such terrible cruelty. But thanks to people like News of the World readers, we can continue to fight to save suffering animals."

Source/Credit:Almost Hit A Billion

"This picture breaks my heart."

An old woman is on the floor with a bag next to her. She asks the passing school girls for any amount of cash, but the girl refuses with a middle finger. Her friends clearly don’t notice the situation, let alone care about it. The helpless woman just looks at her in desperate pain and shock as the little girl just smirks at her.

This picture breaks my heart. The senile woman is on the floor in beautiful, cultural garments, but asks for a mere donation. The girl in modern school clothing gives her a thoughtless and ignorant “fuck you.”

I don’t know where this picture was taken, but it depicts what our future has become: children disrespecting elders like they were vermin killed flat on the road. I’ve seen this here in California. Little kids on their cell phones undermining what their parents have to say, little kids cussing like there’s no tomorrow, little kids worrying about their looks rather than their family. It’s everywhere; culture and respect are both dying. It’s because of the influences that these kids can easily access: media, drugs, adultery. Our world is losing grasp of the future, and we can only watch as the next generation become total monsters.

Source/Credit: Almost Hit A Billion

Photos Says...

The smallest good deed is worth a thousand grand intentions!

Simple joys of life... Happiness is only real when it is shared... Never forget those simple things that makes you smile...

So cute.. I wonder who would eat them...!! Would you ?

Random Awesomeness: Ever been worried that your pet will expose your newborn to disease? Turns out, you're right and it is actually a good thing. A study published in the journal, Pediatrics, shows that newborns who live in a household with cats or dogs have more healthy immune systems than those that don't. It's believed that the exposure to the germs and allergens pets bring strengthens the child's immune system. It was also found that dogs were better than cats. Why? Because dogs are more social and allow children to cuddle with them, pull their fur, or let the dog lick their face. Cats, of course, have better things to do.

Mother and Sons. Time flies

A true friendship needs love from both sides, unconditional

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

It's just amazing how a child would do those simple acts of kindness and love..

Source/Credit: Almost Hit A Billion

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Monday, September 3, 2012


“I am just sharing this picture of a very humble guy named ROLDAN JIMENEZ PINEDA, 63yrs old, from Kawayan, Isabela. You don’t need to read everything if you feel lazy, but all I need to ask you is pray for his safety. I am not a writer, but I will try to tell you the story.

Here’s what happened:
Just this windy and rainy morning, I was in my friend’s canteen. It is just beside the subdivision where I live. I was chatting with my friend’s dad about some business. This humble guy came in front caught my attention. He was not asking for money nor anything. Instead, he ordered P5 worth of rice. He cannot even look directly because he feels so shy.He said, “Maaari po bang bumili ng limang pisong kanin?” His hair is so wet that’s why he covered it with a small towel. His clothes are kinda wet too. When I heard his shaking voice, I can feel that he is tired, cold, and starving. He has a green backpack and a sack with old boxes and plastic bottles. I suddenly felt sorry about him, that my heart was telling me that I need to do something. Instead of me just sitting on my chair, I decided to stand up and tried talking to him. I asked him if that small amount of rice would satisfy him. He said that he was planning to eat some of it and save some, then continue walking til he reach Nueva Ecija which is more than a hundred miles I think. His destination would be Kawayan, Isabela, where he lives. He asked if he can fill his bottle with some water. I said, sure. While I was putting water in his used old bottle, I told him to order some more food so he can eat. Told him not to worry because I will pay it for him. Mang Roldan never asks for money. He earns his own by selling bottles at the junk shops. His eyes turned red, while he was trying to hold his tears. He said that he can’t thank me enough.

MANG ROLDAN: Nahihiya po ako kasi ganito lang suot ko.(- I feel shy because of what I am wearing.)
ME: Akong bahala po sainyo. Ano pong gusto nyong kainin? (- That is ok. Do not worry. What do you wanna eat?)
MANG ROLDAN: Wala po ako sa posisyon para pumili. Kahit gulay lang po o yung pinakamura. (- I am not in the position to choose. I can have vegetables or the cheapest food would be fine.)
ME: Kailangan nyo pong kumain. Order po kayo kahit ano, yung siguradong mabubusog kayo. (- You need to eat, and make sure to satisfy yourself.)

I took his hand so he can walk beside the stand where he can choose. While they were giving him his food, I told him that I need to go home and get some money so I can pay his bill. At home, I grabbed my old camouflage jacket which I gave him.
We talked about his tragic story and his plans. Years ago, he needed to sell their house and lot because his wife had a bone disease. Sadly, everything was spent but his wife didn’t make it. He had 3 children. The first born were twins, died because of bronchopneumonia. While the youngest was ran over by a bus. He tried putting a small business by selling fishballs in Manila, but in the time of Bayani Fernando, MMDA took his carts and destroyed them. Mang Roldan and his family are church people. You can tell with the way he speaks. He visited Pampanga to see his sister/brother. Too bad he wasn’t able to meet the only family that he knows. Hearing his story broke my heart.

I also noticed that he cannot walk straight because of his swollen left leg. “Lumipad yung bato na nadaanan nung gulong ng jeep, tumama sa paa ko” he said. (A rock smaller than my fist was the reason) He thanked me for the food and jacket. I handed him some money so he can ride the bus and buy food. He said that he cannot give me anything in return. Seeing him wipe his tears made me feel super sad that it made me cry too. I was speechless. I shaked his hand and told him that his story was enough for me to learn things, and I was happy that I was able to help him. I gave him my umbrella so he will not get wet on his journey. He didn’t want to take it, but I insisted. (I hope my mom won’t notice that her umbrella is missing)

..While Mang Roldan was crossing the street I was looking at him. I noticed that he was walking towards a corner. He saw a beggar on the side. You know what he did? He did not share the food that he had, HE GAVE EVERYTHING! Rice, bread, and water. That’s it! That was priceless! I knew that this man is special. He touched my heart. I realized that what I gave him is not even enough. Salt water fell from my eyes. (even while I’m typing now). I decided to go to him when I noticed that busses and jeepneys were not stopping because of discrimination. So we waited for a bus and I took his picture. He smiled and said, “half-body lang ha, nakakahiya may dala akong sako. Hehehe!” What a guy! He can still smile after all the things that he went through. Finally, a bus stopped. I told him to act as if he is my uncle. Before he stepped on the bus, he thanked me again. I waved goodbye and said “Ingat Tito, text mo ko kaagad.” I said it loud so the conductor will hear me and pretend that Mang Roldan has a cellphone.

I don’t know, but he was like an angel that was sent to teach me and realize lots of things. That is why I decided to put it on FB, hoping that you will learn from it. If only I am wealthy enough, I would love to do more things just to help more needy, homeless, poor, deserving people. I have been planning to create my own Foundation since I was young. Well, God has plans for all of us. Maybe someday I will. I also hope I could meet Mang Roldan again, and give him a fishball business or have him help me helping others.

I remember a book written by Father Jerry Orbos, that we should not be just good Samaritans but we need to be Better Samaritans.

You can share this if you want. If not, just please pray that God bless the people like Mang Roldan. ” said Joemil.

Source/Credit: originally written by Joemil Reyes | Tumblr

Childhood Days: “Langit Lupa”

by Marcelo Santos III

Hindi masaya ang pagkabata mo kapag hindi mo ito nalaro. Ang “Langit Lupa”.

Ano ba ang Langit Lupa?

Ito ay ang pinakasimpleng larong kalye na hindi nangangailangan ng kung anu-ano pang mga gamit. Ito ay nilalaro ng maramihan.

Paano ba ito nilalaro?

Una, kailangan munang malaman kung sino ang magiging taya. Magbibilog ang mga manlalaro at may isang magtuturo habang lahat ay kumakanta ng “Langit Lupa, Impyerno. Im-Im-Impyerno. Saksak Puso Tulo ang dugo. Patay. Buhay. Uma-lis-ka-na-sa-pwes-to-mo!” kapag natapatan ka, ikaw ay SAFE sa pagiging taya. Paulit ulit lang ito hanggang sa may isang matira at siya na ang magiging taya. Minsan, dinudugtungan pa ito ng lyrics kung hindi matanggap ng kalaro na siya ang taya, “to-to-o-ba? Si-na-bi-ba-ng-Diyos? O-o.!” at dadagdagan pa, “Ta-la-ga-ba? Si-gu-ra-do-ka-ba? O-o!” Yan! Kahiyaan na kapag umangal ka pa.

Ngayong alam niyo na kung sino ang taya, magsisimula na ang laro. Magtatakbuhan ang mga manlalaro palayo sa taya. Kailangan nilang makatungtong sa mas mataas na bahagi ng lupa o sa kahit anong nakaangat para maging safe. Ito ay ang tinatawag na “Langit”

Kung sino ang mahahawakan ng taya ay siya naman ngayong taya.

Anu-ano ba ang mga rules dito?

Maraming pausong rules dito:

No Balik Taya - Kapag nataya ka, bawal mong tayain yung tumaya sayo.
Bantay Pares Doble Taya – Kapag may pinag-iinitan kang manlalaro at gusto mo siyang mataya, magmomosyon siya at sisigaw ng pakanta “Bantay Pares Doble Taya”. Kapag napatunayang nagbabantay pares ka, ayun, twice kang magiging taya.
Yes Sungkitan - kapag ikaw ay nasa langit, bawal lumagpas sa lugar na kinatatayuan mo dahil maaari ka nitong sungkitin at tayain.
Yes Bilangan – Bawal mag-stay sa isang lugar (langit) ng five seconds.
Ano ba ang mapapala namin dito?

Ito ay makakabuo ng pagkakaibigan, pagpapatatag ng samahan at makakapagbigay ng kasiyahan sa bawat isa. Kahit minsan ay madadapa ka, uuwi ng pawis na pawis, mag-aamoy araw at makakatapak ng jebs ng aso, AYOS lang. Masayang maglaro nito. Sobra.


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Pinoy eh!

Nakakabilib ang mga Pinoy! Kahit nahihirapan na, nilulubog na ng baha, nagagawa parin ngumiti. Hindi nawawalan ng Pag-asa! Pinoy eh! :)

Source/Credit: Tumblr