Monday, March 17, 2014

Marry Me (Movie - Lucy Liu)

Hopeless romantic ka man o hindi? Tyak kikiligin ka sa movie na ito. "Marry Me" Ni Lucy Liu at nang tatlo niyang Fiancés haha may haging nang pagka comedy pero sigurado na magugustuhan niyo to.

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Part one to part two ang galing nang pagkadirect ng movie parang hindi naputol yung storya niya sa part one sa part two sa husay ng flow ng story...

Sa last part ng part 2 medyo sablay sa sounds mga 30mins before the end may sound something na hindi mo masyado maintindihan yung sounds nga. Pero yung movie malinaw not like the part 1 na blurry. Basta ang ganda ng movie na ito must watch sa mga gustong kiligin jan.


KUDOS sa Director ng movie na ito at sa buong casts Superb! Indeed movie.

Define nag "Rejoice" kaba girl ika nga sa commercial... Si Lucy Liu na yong Girl na yon dito sa film na to. Maiisip niyo yan kapag na panood niyo ng buo yung movie, part1 to part2...

Into: "Marry Me" is the story of Rae Carter (Lucy Liu), a former artist now working as a social worker, who has always believed in the fairy-tale romance. But when her long-term relationship with boyfriend, Adam (Bobby Cannavale), falls apart, her beliefs are shaken. Despite her hesitance, Rae begins seeing a handsome man named Luke (Steven Pasquale), and without meaning to, quickly falls for him. The feeling is mutual, it appears, when Luke asks her to marry him after only a short time. But just as Rae begins to get comfortable with the idea of Luke as her Prince Charming, Adam re-enters her life and begs Rae to marry him. And as if that wasn't enough, already torn between Luke and Adam, Rae finds herself being proposed to A THIRD TIME by Harry (Enrique Murciano), a rich and debonair friend of Luke's, who is smitten with her. Now, Rae must decide who she wants to be with. Because if she doesn't, she risks never finding her Happily Ever After. 

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Just watch it on Youtube a really MUST Watch Film :)

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